Resep Kue Cubit Untuk Jualan

Resep Kue Cubit Untuk Jualan

Kue cubit is a popular Indonesian snack or street food. It is a small, round cake that is cooked in a special mold or pan. The term "cubit" means "pinch" in Indonesian, and it refers to the way the cakes are typically served—by pinching them with fingers.

The batter for kue cubit is made from a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and sometimes vanilla or other flavorings. The batter is poured into small, individual molds or pans and cooked until the bottom is golden brown and the center is slightly gooey.

Kue cubit can be enjoyed plain or with various toppings. Common toppings include chocolate sprinkles, grated cheese, condensed milk, Nutella, or a combination of these. The toppings are usually added to the cakes after they are cooked and while they are still warm.

Kue cubit is a popular snack for both children and adults in Indonesia. It is often found at street food stalls, markets, or even made at home. The small size and delicious flavors make kue cubit a delightful treat to enjoy on the go or as a sweet indulgence.

Resep Kue Cubit Untuk Jualan untuk 4 Porsi

Jumlah Porsi4 Porsi
Persiapan30 Menit
Waktu Masak15 Menit
Total Waktu45 Menit
150 gram tepung terigu serbaguna
100 gram gula pasir
1 sdt baking powder
1/2 sdt vanili bubuk
27 gram susu bubuk
100 ml susu cair
2 butir telur
Secukupnya meises
Secukupnya margarin

Langkah Membuatnya
    1. Aduk rata terigu, gula pasir, baking powder dan vanili bubuk.
    2. Tambahkan telur dan air. Aduk rata hingga tidak bergerindil.
    3. Diamkan adonan selama 20 menit.
    4. Oles cetakan dengan margarine tipis2. Setelah cetakan panas, tuang adonan ¾ tinggi cetakan. Masak hingga setengah matang, beri meises. Tutup cetakan, masak hingga matang.
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